WEST, TEXAS    (photo credit: Andy Bartee)

This is the small town near Waco where a fertilizer plant blew up tonight.  People in towns up to 60 miles away report feeling something ‘like a sonic boom’.  It was a massive explosion. The spokesperson from the Tx Dept of Safety said:

"I searched some houses earlier tonight. Massive. Just like Iraq. Just like the Murrah building in Oklahoma City," Wilson said.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/west-texas-explosion-fertilizer-plant-waco-2013-4#ixzz2QmyqH1Sf


Many different reports are circulating. Some say that they’re evacuating the whole town due to potential chemical exposure. Others say that they’re opening schools as shelters, and bringing in extra hospital staff.  There are photos of a triage area set up on the high school football field.

I have actually been here. Went to WEST FEST http://www.westfest.com/  and ate at a little cafe in town. I remember it as a really friendly small town. (Population is +/- 2500).